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1000 ETH
2000 ETH
3000 ETH
4000 ETH
3202 ETH
(inc. BTC)

eGold Overview

eGold – the ultimate eSports
betting cryptocurrency

eGold allows the eSports betting community to feel the next level of gaming experience and be connected in a unified eSports ecosystem based on cryptographic security.

Uniting gamers worldwide
across borders and cultures

eGold aims to unite eSports betting enthusiasts all around the world by offering an easy, quick and secure alternative for betting on their favorite games – Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, King of glory, World of Warcraft, and many others.

Buff88 – Gamers can bet on it!

The decentralised eSports betting platform Buff88 will be designed conceptually from the ground up around core ideas crucial for eSports specific characteristics. An open test version of the whole website will be available shortly before the crowd sale.


eSports cryptocurrency bettors
monthly offered eSports events
game titles covered

Token Distribution

2% for the eGold bounty program activities

6% of all tokens will be dedicated to the eGold advisors

6% for the eGold team to ensure long-term dedication

11% of all tokens are needed to cover our marketing budget

12% of tokens are to be placed in cold storage contingency reserve

13% of all tokens are reserved for the development budget

50% of the minted tokens will be sold in the eGold presale and sale

Fund Allocation

Betting Reserve
To ensure the smooth betting process and truly unlimited bets in the initial stages we will need a large enough betting reserve in order to have sufficient liquidity for the automatic pay out of all the winning bets.

We need to acquire the best staff to guarantee the development of the smart contracts for deposits and withdrawals. Then, we will focus on expanding the integrated blockchain elements with the betting API.

In the initial stages of eGold, we need a substantial marketing budget in order to ensure mass adoption, large-coverage, and brand recognition. Promoting eGold and promoting eSports go hand in hand, so our marketing efforts will be beneficial to the community from the start.

The smallest portion of the funds will be for the team behind the eGold project. To ensure full alignment of interests these funds will be vested with a six months cliff.

Road Map

Highest bonus 20%.

beginning of development

eGold is integrated with our clients – more than 40 leading iGaming operators

presale subscription opens

There will be different kinds of bonuses including POWER DAY and POWER WEEK.

eGold will be integrated in Buff88,
deposits and withdrawals
are executed through
the blockchain

blockchain betting
API development (if the
hard cap goal is met)


Dariy Margaritov has founded UltraPlay in 2010 with the core ambition to make the company the world’s leading eSports betting data and platform provider. Nowadays, UltraPlay has climbed at the top of the eSports and sports betting world with the company’s numerous business achievements.


[email protected]


[email protected]

Mario Ovcharov has wide range of responsibilities and expertise covering sales management, new business development, product development and customer service offering UltraPlay’s business partners unrivaled eSports, sports betting and Bitcoin solutions.


[email protected]

Combining experience in traditional PR, digital communications, and marketing, Lyubomira determines strategies for reaching main public groups and audiences most effectively. Lyubomira has led the public communication of a number of gaming providers performing on international level.

Gaming Advisor

[email protected]

Gary Szlatiner has nearly 15 years’ worth of experience working for top companies within the iGaming, gaming, media, and eSports industries where he held senior marketing, sales, business development, and product roles. He currently works within these industries with large partners globally.

Technical Lead

[email protected]

Kamen Todorov is a software developer with profound crypto background. He is involved in the integration of Bitcoins to the wide business network of operators using UltraPlay’s software betting solutions.

Trading Director

[email protected]

Leading Ultraplay’s eSports team of traders, Peter has solid expertise in setting up and developing the eSports department, including pre-match & live trading, odds compilation and odds movement training as well as managing UltraPlay’s daily trading process.

eSports integrity commissioner at ESIC

[email protected]

Ian Smith is a UK lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in traditional sports, primarily in regulation and governance. His particular focus has always been the connection between the athletes' professional life and the rules and regulations.

eSports Advisor

[email protected]

Roger Szlatiner has over a decade of US banking experience working for some of the top financial institutions based there. Recently, he developed a strategy and model for operational efficiencies within the gaming and eSports industry.
Neli Kosturska holds a BA in Visual Arts and extensive experience in the world of UI/UX design as well as branding while working for several international companies.

UI/UX Designer

[email protected]

Richard Hogg has been involved in online gaming since 1999 when he was introduced to the industry whilst working in Hong Kong. In a career that has spanned across three decades and three continents, he has overseen the induction of many brands and products into various market places.

iGaming Advisor

[email protected]

Global Community Manager

[email protected]

With her bachelor's degree in Chinese studies and year-long specialization in China, Elena has key insights into both Chinese and Asian market trends. She is excited to be a part of this project by combining her excellent language skills and her extreme passion for gaming.

Front-End Developer

[email protected]

Zhetchko is a web developer with more than 5 years of experience in the field of front-end development, wordpress development, web design and freelancing. He is front-end team leader at UltraPlay and has been part of several Bulgarian based companies which gave him solid ground as a programmer with lots of experience.


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